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Service that removes fake competitors reviews from Google my business

We operate an extremely effective service that removes fake competitors reviews from your GMB listing and have had the fortune to using an approach that yields lots of success in that area and we have the happy clients to boast about this status to which we take pride and pleasure knowing that we provide top notch services and work with honest companies. We do not engage with spammy.

We can get rid of your negative reviews for you. Now bear in mind we are an organic service and we use a secret recipe or an approach if you will that has brought us many happy customers in 2019 and 2020. Therefore, we do not use techniques that will ever endanger your Google map listing as some of the less reputable companies like to do and that invites a lot of headaches. So naturally Google prefers to deal with us as we respect the rules and have tremendous know how in dealing with them in that regard.

Now, removing fake reviews does not take 1 day. In many cases we do remove bad reviews in one day and have the customers to show for but all in all we have a success rate of between 80% – 100%. There is no obligation, no special sign ups. Our service provides the utmost effectiveness to the max!

We can remove fake reviews. We know how to work with Google. We work with Google daily and have the latest updated knowledge as to anything Google maps, reviews, and searches. We know how to deal with fake competitor reviews and even better, we have a tremendous high success rate of dealing with real unhappy clients without you having to even lift a finger.

Just show us the review and give us the clients contact info and our professional crew will take it from there, and then surprise you by showing you that your 2 or 3 star client all of the sudden changed it to 4.5 or 5 stars by amending the review or deleting it altogether and we know how to feel out the customer on whether to ask him to remove or amend the review! We do it all according to the Google’s community guidelines, which is like their law book on what is allowed and what is not. Therefore, keeping your listing on the good side of Google!

Time frame of review removal:
Generally, it takes time to remove a review from your companies Google map listing. Sometimes it works fast as described above, and sometimes it will take longer.

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