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We remove negative results from the search engines. We legally remove negative content, offensive information, and sensitive content from the web.

We’ve removed hundreds of negative articles and offensive content. We deleted hundreds of links from the Internet and disappeared thousands of negative reviews from Google.

We use only advanced technology methods. Our activity is legal.
We maintain confidentiality. We do not have language or location restrictions.
We sound and solve difficult problems.

You are asked to pay in the first step $ 30, $ 55 or $ 80 depending on the service package you choose. In the next step, we will return to you with a work order for the deletion.
You must read the proposal, confirm the price, and from here we will begin to resolve the issue.
Please note that we give a full commitment to the result and will not charge you if we do not get the job done!

For direct removal (where possible) of negative content, we guarantee that the negative information will not be returned.

We act only legally. There are no shortcuts here! We control Internet laws. We respect the laws of the Internet and legal laws in every country. Our specialty is deleting from Google in the fastest and safest way.


Remove Google Result
$ 30 For review - Deleting a negative link
(if possible)


For Marketing Teams and Agencies. For Small Businesses and Individuals
$ 80 For review - Deleting reviews, comments,
videos and sensitive information
(if possible)


For Small Businesses and Individuals
$ 55 For review - Deleting articles, and offensive content (if possible)
Happy customers
Links removed/Deleted content
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